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 Character Sheet: Edwyn Whyte

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Edwyn Whyte
Edwyn Whyte

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Character sheet
Organization: The Order of the Paladins
Race: Human
Rank: Initiate

Character Sheet: Edwyn Whyte Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheet: Edwyn Whyte   Character Sheet: Edwyn Whyte Icon_minitimeWed Nov 27, 2013 8:05 pm

Name: Edwyn Ageron Whyte

Age: 21

Height: 5' 11'' Slightly slumped posture.

Weight: 214 lbs.

Gender: Male

Race: A Human of Grawood, in the Kingdom of Erenland

Class: Cleric of the True God

Clothing of Choice: A white tunic and dark brown trousers. Has a straw hat and a necklace depicting a silver cross.

Equipment of Choice: A torch, Flint and Steel, A small leather bag, and a Holy Icon.


Raw Stats:
STR: - 4 (+1)
INT: - 3 (+1)
DEX  - 3

Personality: Edwyn is usually cheerful and positive. He is quick with a joke, and is the emotional backbone of the group. When he is in a dangerous situation, he tries to follow his mentor's advice and think things through strategically, but anger sometimes gets the best of him. He has a strong hatred of evil, such as risen dead, witches, and vampires. Edwyn is a loyal friend and a passionate follower of the One God.

Bio: Edwyn spent most of his childhood in the small town of Rustleburg. His father died at a young age fighting mountain ogres in a small skirmish. Since then, he was apprenticed to the local blacksmith. In his training, he matured into a strong young adult.
When he was nineteen, a group of miners in Rustleburg disturbed the crypt of an Ancient Lich. Seeking his revenge on the inhabitants of the town, who destroyed him ages ago, he raised a dead army and le it against the town. A Paladin by the name of Alexiel was sent to the town to deal with the undead threat. A young vampire himself, he was one of the only members of the order who could be of help to the town. His decent into the crypt, he was joined by the villagers of the town, Edwyn among them. Edwyn proved to be a valuable fighter, and an invitation to become a Paladin was extended to him by Alexiel.
He was since mentored by Alwic Landbane, a ranger from the lands of Dragon Point. He quickly became a Cleric of the True God, but also dabbled in some of the Arcane Arts, although he lacked the practice to become anything more than a Hedge Wizard.

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Alexiel Lucifen d'Arte
Alexiel Lucifen d'Arte

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Character sheet
Organization: Templar Paladins
Race: Vampire - True Nosferatu
Rank: The Fucking Servant of Evil/Pet Vampire of the Templar Paladins

Character Sheet: Edwyn Whyte Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet: Edwyn Whyte   Character Sheet: Edwyn Whyte Icon_minitimeWed Nov 27, 2013 9:49 pm

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Character Sheet: Edwyn Whyte
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