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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Vollsunk   Vollsunk Icon_minitimeSun Feb 23, 2014 4:52 pm

Name: Vollsunk

Age, Height, Weight: 23, 8' 9" 345 lbs

Gender: Male

Physical appearance: Wings, sharp teeth, white eyes, and dark hair that covers Left eye.

Race: Half-Ettin

Class: Cleric

Clothing of choice: Heavy black cloak that covers wings, hood that hides eyes, chest plate and stomach guard
with triple plated shoulder plate armor.

Equipment of choice (starting gear): Scythe with name inlayed on flat side of blade, Longsword, Bag of Holding

Abilities:  ---

Traits: +3 Strength, -1 Intelligence

Flying: Vollsunk developed with wings, and as such he is capable of flight. Lasts for five posts, with a regeneration of two.

Raw Stats:
STR: 8 (Base 5, +3 race modifier)
INT:2 (Base 3, -1 race modifier)
DEX: 3 (Base 3)

Organization: Templar Paladin

Rank: Initiate

Personality: Chipped shoulder, hard to impress

Biography: Grew up in Southern Elenrod as a child and learnt to fend for himself after his parents attempted to end his life early because of the fact he was born with wing that are jet black. However because of his daemon ancestry he had the power, even as an infant, to suffocate his Father and mother. Crawling around the dense forest he discovered an Elven Enclave where he stayed at bay but studied them. and so discovered how to walk, talk, and fight. One day he decided to enter the Enclave. Where they attacked him on sight. He ran and lived inside the center of the forest untill he decided he will go off in search of an Military power. And so found the Templar Paladins. :roll:
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