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Character sheet
Organization: Sages of Edgarix
Race: Rax
Rank: Sage of Lackluster, Hegemon of the Rax

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PostSubject: Hyrax   Hyrax Icon_minitimeMon Feb 24, 2014 12:54 am

Name: Hyrax

Age, Height, Weight: Several eons. Around 10' at the forehead and on all six legs. 15' including antlers and horns. 30' total if reared up. Several tons.

Gender: Neutral, referred to as male by basically everyone.

Clothes: None, but previous designs featured things such as amulets and bandoleers.

Equipment: None in normal form. GrandHyrax wears a suit of amour and carries a lance and a shield. HyraxColossus wears a similar suit of armor and carries an axe.

Septic Bite: Hyrax's saliva is highly toxic and corrosive, able to melt and destroy any surface. Hyrax has been known to drool which results in large pools.
Wonder Blood: Hyrax's blood can be used to cure anything, fully restoring the user to their best conditions. Does not effect Hyrax.

Hyrax: Wonderful health. Above-Average physical and magical offence. Exceptional magical resistence. Sub-par physical deffence. Abysmal speed.
GrandHyrax:[u] Hyrax's Grandstatus. Allows Hyrax to achieve quick bursts of speed and has a much higher physical defense than normal, but does not have the same resistance to magical attacks.
Hyrax's Colossal Phase. Reverts to the same speed as Hyrax, but gigantic size more than make up for it. Magical power lowered more, but the attacks themselves are devastating. Even better defenses and magical resistance.

Organization: Sages of Edgarix

Rank: Sage of Lackluster, Hegemon of the Rax

Personality: Easy to anger. Sometimes clueless. Usually carefree and robust. Has lots of secrets. Likes to fight groups of enemies because he is capable of doing so.

Biography: Hyrax is a being from Edgarix, a world located in the middle of a dimension. It is the Hegemon of an extensive race of creatures known as the Rax. It spends much of its time conquering other worlds in various strategies, but isn't opposed to peace-treaties and tribute. While it may seem strange, Hyrax is not against artificial life. He also has a distaste for humans.


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