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 Lenka (WIP)

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PostSubject: Lenka (WIP)   Lenka (WIP) Icon_minitimeMon Feb 24, 2014 11:14 am

(Yeah, I need a bit of time to get to this. Should be ready tonight.)

Name: Lenka.

Age, Height, Weight:  

Gender:  Male


Physical appearance:



Clothing of choice: Essentially a dark grey one-piece outfit, with blue stripes at the waist that head down the legs, and orange on the wrists. He also wears black gloves, and a blue scarf.

Equipment of choice (starting gear): A bag of holding,


Plagues: Lenka, being in a pact with Laplace, a Demon of plague, has within his blood several thousands of diseases, the most notable being Yersinia pestis, Variola major, Variola minor, Bacillus anthracis, and many others. His blood is able to be vaporized into an Extreme Bioareosol, and as such, penetrate stone walls, doors, and glass windows. (As you understand all objects are porous to a degree) This spreads the plague, though the infected are not immune, as Lenka is, and will soon succumb to the effects.

Plague Form: An extension and modification of the above, Lenka can simply turn to a mist. This could be either his whole body or parts of it, enabling him to pass through objects. He can also enter a host, infect them, or simply make them a carrier. If he's been injured, he can reform inside of a person, then essentially cut himself out from inside of them, completely healed. This normally kills the Host, though.

Assimilation: Due to having a mutation bringing his DNA to similarity of Cordyceps, Lenka has similar and also opposite traits. Instead of merely infecting host tissue, he is able to completely assimilate it as his own, as long as the tissue type is the same. Ex: Skin to skin, He's able to also change the color to match his own, as regenerating arms and legs, his torso, etc.

Weaponized Plague: Lenka is able to sprout spikes, tendrils, and other protrusions from his body, comprised of his blood. They appear silverly, like mercury, though are harder than the finest steel.

Raw Stats:

STR: 3
DEX: 3
INT:  4

Organization: Unafilliated, for now.

Rank: Plaguetouched

Personality: He's quiet, though not out of shyness but out of a dislike for most people he meets. He strives at intimidation, hiding in corners, and being a creep at times. He also dislikes sunlight, just because he's extremely pale, so he covers up.

Biography: (WIP)
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Lenka (WIP)
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