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The age of myth is the period of creation, when the world of Erest came to be. There are many different views of creation, most of which have become no more than fairy tales, as the name of the age suggests. The following is one view, put into words by Gon Wilnest, a Follower of the True One, which has become a standard belief of those who follow the singular deity.

"Some say that there art many powers that control Erest, some being magical, others being physical, yet anyone who speakith with God knows that there art only two. The first is the Astral Power, therein is God and his heavenly host. All magic is slave to the astral. Opposing the Astral is the Neither, called Hel in modern languages. Both planes dance together in the void, a black and desolate plane. It is because of the interaction of these powers that both the Material and Ethereal planes were born. Erest is part of the Material Plane.
God then sent his children into both planes. To yon Material Plane he sent the Aelb, who we knowith as the First Ones. So holy art these demi-gods, should we have existed at this time and looked upon their grace, we would  turn to stone,"

Wilnest goes on to write about how the Aelb became the Elves and Gnomes we know today, as well as give information of the Fairy, who were sent to the Ethereal. Another legend that arose from the Magnith, or the Followers of the Four, explanes how the world was once enveloped in a sea of chaos. From the Chaos rose the gods Magnus, Lythunin, Ganoth, and Herm.  

Both stories, while very different, have a similar explanation on the birth of Humanity. The One (or Magnus) grew the first humans out of the ground. They were given the land as their home, to build on, explore, and shape as they wish. Here, the stories diverge yet again. Followers of the One say that humans were given one rule; they were not to eat the Mana fruit of Holy Trees, which gave the Aelb, who now began to separate into tribes of Elf, their power. Humanity betrayed their God and ate from the tree, giving them the ability to use and control magic. The Magnith beleave that Magnus gave Humanity magic as a gift.

THE ERA  OF MAGI (-12,000? to -3,350)


Whether given by a gift, or taken through betrayal, the humans of the Age of Myth and their descendants gained the power of magic. Only the Elves and Dragons were meant for such awesome power, and at first both races simply thought humanity would only destroy itself. However, to their disbelief, humanity flourished with their new found power. Destructive magic was used for hunting, whereas chloromancy grew crops. Several prosperous civilizations grew in the tropical regions of  Harishar and Ithral.

Meanwhile, several tribes of Elves left their forest homes, becoming more civilized, much like humanity. They built great cities in the lands that would become Ettenmarch. The largest of these was Slemberholme, situated inbetween Elenrod Forest and the vast plains bordering it to the south. Others moved to the west, founding the city of Dakkare. Few tribes stayed in the forests, worshiping their God and tending the forests. These groups later became the Wood Elves, living solitary lives in the places where mortals fear to tread.


Humans continued to thrive and practice magic. Magic was categorized into different schools, and then into spells. This appalled the Elves, who believed that this defiled magic, and by extension, defiled God. civilization, no longer confined to the tropics, grew rapidly and began to fracture. City-states and baronies constantly fought, the weapons of iron and steel obsolete compared to the wands of magic. The greatest war was between the nation of Ithral and Harishar, from -5,029 to -5,018. The two lands had been at odds for years, mainly because of religious differences. 

In the later years of the war, experienced battle mage Buthack Nevrthesil, who legend says was of both human and elven origin, created the most evil of all magic, necromancy. He trained not only himself, but five other warriors to reserect the dead, by capturing souls and placing them into crystals and runic stones. These were then transported into the bodies of the dead, slaving them to the magicians' will. Necromancy won Harishar the war, as fallen troops of both sides swarmed the capital of Ithral. One epic describes the horror.

"Into the hoards of the undead I gazed.
The emotions of fear and despair,
carved in there faces the moment they died,
came forth.
Souls no longer in their bodies,
slave to the will of their masters,
far off on the hills; controlling their armies,
without setting foot on the battlefield.

Then, I saw Markan,
my fallen comrade,
who perished as I watched,
returned to me,
I smote him, the stench of death coming,
arising again from his body,
he was smote a second time." 

The lands was forever scared by the use of magic. The fertile lands turned to rock and sand, and the temperate climate became hot and arid. Because of this, the Elves no longer supported humankind, and they were left to perish in the doom lands they created. 


With their homeland destroyed, the humans trekked north, in hoped of new land to settle. The first kingdom, established in -796 to be founded was Krondike, a small duchy of Ithral survivors. Despite harsh struggle, the small terrotory grew into a flourishing, yet small kingdom. It was in this time that the humans of Krondike met their greatest ally, the dwarves. 
Until this point in history, few men had seen a dwarf. The young race had spent most of it life in the deep underground, erecting cities of stone.They had only now begun entering the surface, building strongholds in it's mountains and fortresses in it's valleys. Originally, two separate factions of dwarves entered the surface; the Stonehammers in the south, and the Tirothilians in the north. The Stonehammers and the Krondikians quickly formed an alliance, together erecting a city where both dwarves and humans could call home. The city of Elementalis. 

Other groups of humans were not as successful as the Krondikians. The Dragons were agitated with the in balance of magic that the humans created, and attacked Harishar repeatedly throughout the years.
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